You are welcome to Our Mingram Student Welfare Library. You will find here about our laborous jobs details to develop a locality towards a model by integrated rural development. You also find the useful links for educational institutions of our country.

We are new in here. So the blog is under construction. Sorry for temporary inadequacy of our informations.

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Establishment a library is a long times dream of the students of Mingram. From the liability and responsibility, we have established a library for educational development and acquring universal knowledge.  A large number of students of Mingram who read in schools, colleges and universities, have established (MSWL) at 9th December 2008. Most of the people of Mingram help to establish a library. Some well-organized students who are equal mentality and active to give voulantary service join this institution.     
MSWL has two rooms of one storey building. It has about 5025 books and 530 magazines for the reader. It has 50chairs 10 tables.  Every year library buys 1000 books and 60 magazines. Every week about 850 members come here and loan books. It has instruments of games and sports.

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